February 4, 2011


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www.amigoplanet.com was the website that was created to become an online community. The idea behind this online community was one to try of reduce the size of the world by creating a free place where people could mix with people local to them. Members on amigo planet set their profile stating how far afield they were willing to look for contacts. There were different sections for people to find people with similar interest so that the “amigo” can share their interest hobbies and desires with other online users. Such categories were workout partners, music lovers and even shopping buddies. They even had a special requests category where if you had a spare ticket for a gig or sporting event you would post it on the site and hopefully get partner to accompany you.

February 5, 2011

Dyslexia in children

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dyslexia is a common learning disorder that affects children with different levels of intelligence. Approximately 10 percent of children are diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexia can have a negative impact on a child and interferes with their ability to read, write, they may sometimes have difficulty pronouncing and spelling certain words. Different stages of dyslexia can occur in a child’s life and a child will have a difficult time being successful in school or their normal school environment. Normally, this learning disorder can continue throughout the child’s life and treatment is necessary to improve the child’s language skills. A dyslexic child needs special attention that will help them to overcome their problem.

Dyslexia is mainly categorized as a brain dysfunction. This type of dysfunction hinders the brain’s ability to distinguish images from the eyes or ears into language that can be understood. Children with good intelligence and educational opportunities can also be affected with the learning disorder. In this regard, a child should be diagnosed by taking a dyslexia test . Proper diagnosis of the condition can only be made after reading difficulties are ruled out, vision, hearing or instructional problems. The main symptoms of dyslexia in a child may consist of the following:

* Difficulty understanding mathematics
* Confusing similar words that sound similar
* Poor comprehension while reading
* Lack of interest in words and letters
* Writing Letters and numbers backwards
* Short attention span
* Poor handwriting
* Inability to read fluently

Dyslexia is known to be caused from certain factors. Some of these factors may be a genetic inheritance from a family member, or the child may be exposed to education early in life and other causative factors can prevent or slow later learning in life. It is understood that a child with dyslexia normally use the right side of the brain since they are incapable of using the left side properly. Using only one side of the brain is known to create learning issues for a child. If dyslexia is diagnosed early in life, the child can overcome their learning dysfunction. A child needs support from his or her family, friends and teachers to give them the motivation they need.

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